Paulaner iPad App

2017 - today

A nationwide distribution network contains a lot of sensitive data. This is not always easy to map. Our goal was to master this and thus make life easier for Paulaner's sales staff. They now have an overview of all appointments, customer data, orders and much more. This challenging and exciting project started in spring 2017 and continues to expand today.

It's all about the Details

Data and facts are clearly in the focus of this app. In order to structure these, we developed our own icon set for Paulaner. This makes information efficient and easy to grasp for the user. In addition to their informational character, they lighten up the subject matter and are a feast for the eyes. Simple & smart!


The user is in the focus - that is one of our most important foreign currencies. For this Paulaner project in particular, it was important to focus on the target group. So we had an intensive conception phase, which has paid off successfully so far. The target group does not belong to the so-called digital natives. They are characterized by a hands-on mentality and are often under time pressure.

A high degree of intuitiveness is therefore a top priority. We were able to work out this and many more aspects during the opportunity to accompany the sales people in their daily business. This insight into their needs and interests gave us an enormous advantage during the concept phase. We were able to successfully master the challenge and are looking forward to feedback in order to continuously improve and expand the project.

How we made it awesome

One point that distinguishes the app:We rely on native design and development standards. We pay attention to actuality and constantly improve the functionality. What the target group knows from their private applications, they also quickly appreciate in their working software.

It's fun to use the app and to see it grow, how it fits even better to our increasing requirements and how it supports the sales department in their daily work. In our collaboration with anfema, we always find suitable solutions quickly and easily because they have understood us, the app and our business perfectly.

Heide Buchmann IMT Business Partner for Sales Information Management

Technology we used

This project is an iPad app developed natively in Swift. We regularly adapt it to the latest iPadOS versions. This data-centred app synchronises in several versions with a backend based on the Salesforce Cloud.
An indexed database on the device ensures complete offline capability. Thanks to an optimised query, there is nothing to prevent data sorting and filter functions in offline mode. In addition, the raw data from Salesforce accumulated in the app can be displayed in the form of diagrams. Based on the design language of iPadOS, we developed several components for the app interface.

Sounds interesting?

You want to know more about the project or our implementation? No matter if you are a customer or an applicant, contact us! Whether you are a customer or an applicant, please feel free to contact us! Drop by for a coffee either in Munich or Augsburg - we're looking forward to it!

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