Knauf AMF Lookbook App

2015 - today

Knauf AMF is one of the world's largest producers of innovative ceiling systems. We designed a universal application for tablets and phones with Android and iOS native. In this way, we present the wide range of customized ceiling solutions in an adequate setting. In the process, elaborate photographs showcase impressive construction projects. With these, Knauf AMF created extraordinary architectural objects across numerous divisions. A particularly characteristic feature of the app, in addition to its performance, is the use of the 360° View. This gives the user a full sense of space.


The challenge was to create a very informative application that combined clarity and ease of use. To let the high-quality photographs speak for themselves, we used as few visual control elements as possible. In addition, we had to keep in mind that all features should also be functional and usable on permanently installed presentation displays (for example at exhibitions).

How we made it awesome

One point that distinguishes the app: We rely on native design and development standards. We pay attention to up-to-dateness and constantly improve functionality. What the target group knows from their private applications, they also quickly appreciate in their work software.

anfema knows what they're doing, how they're doing it and they do it damn fast! One of the best app development partners I've ever come across.

Dominik Mandl, Online Marketing Manager Knauf AMF GmbH & Co. KG

Technology we used

For this project we used our specially developed content management system ION. This dynamically fills Knauf AMF Lookbook and impresses with its performance. It allows the customer to easily make profound changes to the structure and information content of the application. In addition, it is possible to keep data locally on the devices so that the app can also be used offline. For the 360° view, spherical panoramas are projected onto the inner surface of a sphere, which can be rotated.

Sounds interesting?

You want to know more about the project or our implementation? No matter if you are a customer or an applicant, contact us! Whether you are a customer or an applicant, please feel free to contact us! Drop by for a coffee either in Munich or Augsburg - we're looking forward to it!

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