striving for perfection

anfema are a highly capable team who avidly create individual and sophisticated digital solutions.


Understanding Customers Like No Other

We think nothing of generalised approach. Instead, putting ourselves in your position, we understand your processes and needs before we’ll jointly develop a strategy. This way, we ensure that our customised software becomes a solution that makes your life more convenient.

Innovation and Usability are our Identity

We love technology! Indulging in our passion, we bring your ideas and procedures up to date, and, in combination with our focus on user-friendliness, we enable your processes’ optimisation and the better achievement of your goals.

anfema - that’s the incredibly good job we do as a result of our team’s diverse experience and their multidisciplinary competencies.

anfema know what they do, how to do it, and they do it damn fast. One of the best partners in App development I’ve ever seen.
Dominik Mandl, Online Marketing Manager, Knauf AMF GmbH & Co. KG View project

Innovation. Enthusiasm. Drive. Team Spirit. Commitment. Diversity. Quality.

Our services impress with quality and design, our team excels due to their profound expertise revealing the years of experience gained in ambitious projects across diverse industries.

Internally, we trust in proven workflows, whereas in project management we keep relying on customer focus, flexibility and individuality. This conjunction creates the space in which we accomplish superior solutions!

Experience, Expertise & Foresight

New technologies make our hearts skip a beat! As we constantly and happily explore the broad spectrum of options, we know exactly which possible solutions are suitable for you, and add maximum value to your project by providing honest and professional input.

Continually Progressive

Knowing that a system will only be future-proof if it’s being serviced following its release, we act in a far-sighted and proactive way. The anticipation of emerging changes in the digital world allows us to nip future problems in the bud.

Customer-focused & Direct

We rely on technically adept management, who put themselves in your position to fully understand your requirements, and directly work out solutions. As your partner, we’ll assist you starting from the concept and throughout the whole life cycle of the project, thus guaranteeing its long-term success.

According to our team, these are the top 4 reasons why you should join us:

A Great Team

We are a diverse and dynamic team characterised by our impressive skill set and demand of high standards as well as by our unusually strong team spirit and motivation. Not only do we treat each other friendly, but we are friends! As such, we enjoy common activities like cooking, eating or table soccer in our everyday office life.


Innovative Projects and the Most Recent Technologies

We deliver digital developments across the full stack, servicing a large variety of industries. As a result, we enjoy varying daily work routines featuring future-oriented and exciting projects which offer great potential for development. For both work equipment and the applications used in our projects we rely on the most recent technologies.


Agile Structures and Potential for Development

At anfema, flexibility doesn't only involve acting on the dynamics of the digital industry. It also means agile team structures which are adjustable to current projects and methodologies of development. We are open to great ideas, and we value innovation and creativity instead of rigid hierarchies. If you possess these qualities and work independently, you can drive change and there will be no limits to either your acquisition of skills or your personal and professional development.


Superb Location and Company Culture

Both of our offices are centrally located in the promising and lively cities of Munich and Augsburg. This makes for a short commute and adds to a great work-life-balance. In combination with flexible work hours, comfortable offices, and drinks provided free of charge, this makes for an enjoyable work climate.


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